Vani Polavaram epitomises the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary fashion. Over the past decade or so, her love for hand looms and hand embroidery have seen her transform the sari into wearable art. Her designs are known for the intricate workmanship that enhance the hand weave into a chic elegant fashion statement complete with exquisite hand embellishment.

It is this deep appreciation and love for traditional weaves coupled with her her belief in the timeless beauty of the sari that has culminated in the birth of LAKSHMI. Through LAKSHMI, Vani showcases the myriad forms of the sari as she sees it – a symbol of eternal grace and India’s rich textile heritage. She has personally designed and handpicked each hand woven sari in a new colour palette with breathtaking hand embroidered motifs to make a statement of personal style. She hopes to transfer the joy of each sari- the idea behind every design, the skill behind every weave, the vibrancy of every colour, the texture of every fabric- into a dream experience for you.